Some thirty-ish memes for you!

Beautiful people of any age, background, belief systems, or walks of life…but particularly people in their thirties…Hey! And an enormous thank you for checking out my blog.

Are thirties the new twenties? Orange is the new black would say that they are. This blog was primarily devoted to dating in your early thirties, but as I now reach the 35 age marker (and a Mars retrograde upon us), felt a restructure was in order!

This will highlight my stories and original poems as I survive the hustle, slow down, “take a deep breathe”, and move on through the rest of my thirties. It’s not all grace and epiphanies, sometimes it’s sour and salty. Nonetheless it’s real!


2 thoughts on “Some thirty-ish memes for you!

    • singlegirlwoes says:

      Hi, thanks for your question. I think dating alternatives that go against the grain of online dating would be a good way to become friends first. One “offline” advocate site that comes to mind is Events and Adventures. You should see if they have any events in your area that appeal to you. This allows you to pick a fun interest/event of your choice and meet new people in the process. It gets you out of your house instead of staying behind a computer screen. given my personal experiences, and not having any friendship come out of online dating…i couldn’t pick one from the popular online dating sites. So my suggestion is any sort of group meetup, gathering, class, etc that involves a hobby you love. It’s really the way I’d go if you’d like to be friends first or move slow getting to know someone new. Hope this helps!

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