This is about me. Nice to meet you!

Beautiful Singles of any age, background, belief systems, or walks of life…Hey! And an enormous thank you for checking out my blog!

I am thirty something with 6+ years online dating experience, with a long term relationship (that lasted about 2.5 years) blossoming from it back in 2008, to only be absolutely shaken by 2011 when I was single again and saw how much had changed in three short years. Since 2011, I have participated in online dating on and off. I think a lot of people tend to do the on and off thing with online dating, especially when they get more seasoned with it. Now, as most online daters know, there are really zero dating rules anymore, only best practices. I’m super new to Tinder, and highly recommend eHarmony. I do not consider myself a dating expert yet, but think I am only about 5 books away from getting there (Bad joke). I do love teaching though, and hope this blog will inspire, teach, or just give you a plain, old chuckle.

To describe myself a little like I would on an online dating profile…I am short, very short, but feisty, dark hair, and dark eyes. (Maybe a picture will eventually be put up here, but today’s not that day.)  I like to think of myself as an open person, other than keeping this blog a little anonymous. I love creative writing, art, and anything visual. I graduated in sunny South Florida with a degree majoring in Media and Communications. Ideally, I’m looking for balance that tends to be hard to find in life, and if I reach some dating goals along the ways…even better.

Hope you enjoy my blog, and don’t be shy with the comments. We all learn new things everyday, and we all take something and learn from people sharing their own experiences with the world! Be awesome. XOXO


2 thoughts on “This is about me. Nice to meet you!

    • singlegirlwoes says:

      Hi, thanks for your question. I think dating alternatives that go against the grain of online dating would be a good way to become friends first. One “offline” advocate site that comes to mind is Events and Adventures. You should see if they have any events in your area that appeal to you. This allows you to pick a fun interest/event of your choice and meet new people in the process. It gets you out of your house instead of staying behind a computer screen. given my personal experiences, and not having any friendship come out of online dating…i couldn’t pick one from the popular online dating sites. So my suggestion is any sort of group meetup, gathering, class, etc that involves a hobby you love. It’s really the way I’d go if you’d like to be friends first or move slow getting to know someone new. Hope this helps!

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