So thanks to the lovely Internet and my unhealthy searching habits, I learned a new word the other night. Flirtationship. I think I may be in two of these as we speak. 😬  Only kidding…maybe. 

Have fun until the true one comes along?–But wait, I’m in my thirties



Maybe age isn’t just a number…

I started a new job three weeks ago. Very “interesting” atmosphere, what seems to be a decent boss, and independent work. The job isn’t all independent work but a big chunk of it is, so that’s all a good fit for me. So over these last couple weeks, I trained with two different guys, one of them being a youngin that I had very little in common with.

My first night was ironically enough Friday the 13th and I met the youngin. He repeatedly said it was bad night to start my training because it was so busy; He trained me nonetheless. I trained with him the next night, but not again for another six days. When he came to that shift, he had massive alcohol on his breath, and I was not impressed.

I was experiencing a major fork in the road because I had another job offer I was interested in, but my boss at this job convinced me to stay. Everything was running slow with the other offer, so I decided to stay. Finally after my training ended, I was scheduled to work alone. The youngin was scheduled too, without me knowing, since my manager just wanted to make sure I would be okay. I sent the youngin home early, but got stuck much later in my shift. I called him for help and he offered to come back in person to help me. There was some flirting on my end, not something I do often, but in this case I did, and we talked about our age difference, about 8 years. So he was legal, just too young. When he came back to help me he asked me out sometime for sushi. I said sure, thinking, well, it would be a date with someone I met offline, and it would be fun.

Almost as fast as the date was thought out loud, things dimmed out. He texted that same night after he left to make sure I was good with the work I got stuck on, and then I didn’t hear from him again. I’ll hardly see him now that I am trained since his two shifts a week are always going to be my two days off.  I was hurt, but I was given some good advice that was relevant and good to the topic. I knew he was too young, and I knew we had very little in common. Sometimes you just have to trust your woman intuition. I know for sure something more complete and action filled will pop up, instead of these situations that end before they even start.  I am at a job with a boss that fought to keep me, so still I’m feeling positive and awesome about that.  Maybe age isn’t just a number, it’s definitely a word though, and a powerful one if you ask me!

The not so young, but young looking,

Single Girl