Perfect parody

Matthew Hussey’s silly side is perfect. Pun intended. ¬†If you haven’t seen this yet, you have too! Another parody of Matthew’s is called Fifty Shades of Earl Grey. It’s a parody of Fifty shades obviously, also making fun of Matthew’s love for tea at the same time. I bet he has a lot of girls that he loves from time to time. ¬†Seriously still love this side of him.


I know that I can find somebody, you won’t ever find nobody else like me

This artist appropriately named Who is fancy kept their identity on the down low for the sake of music in the popular radio song Goodbye. Here’s yet another article that possibly features the true singer. Many mimicked the music video making Fancy’s hidden persona even cooler in my opinion, one even looking like a Justin Bieber look alike or Justin Bieber himself.   The song lyrics, singing, and videos are phenomenal. Whether you are going through a divorce, or just a plain old break up, listen to this song! 
Single girl