My 2015, much like my 2014, had an array of ups and downs, and a particular low towards September and October. I got up though, I took responsibility, and the last two months of the year worked  on my life like a champ.

Have a happy, healthy, safe, fun, joyous, unpredictable, awesome,  positively life-changing-for-the-best-version-of-your-life—- New Years eve and new year to come that you can possibly have.

I say bring it on 2016. I AM COMING AT YOU LIKE A FUCKING BULLDOZER! May the new year bring you all magic and new beginnings I believe that is associated with this year’s digits totaling 9 and being a 9 year.

Is heck ya in order?- SG



The Brazilian Buddhist and the ten day roller coaster

Hello there beautiful, single people of all walks of life. I feel obligated to share a story. You see, my 2015 started off as kind of a roller coaster. Yeah, that’s right, only 10 days in and I’m calling the year a roller coaster.  Quite typical of me to be a bit exaggerating, but hear me out.  My New Years Eve was special to my heart this year. Instead of sitting home alone, eating a meal by myself with a goblet of wine, in the comfort of my own home, like I rang in the previous year, this New Year I made sure I at least went out to eat. I bargained with my Mom, an old, young soul, who hates to eat out, and she agreed we could go out to her favorite place. We had an early dinner of cheese nachos as an appetizer, steak as her main course, and  fish as my main course, and we finished it off with a spectacular sundae brownie. I am embarrassed to admit, I was pretty obsessed with making sure everything I ate on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day was lucky. I read several articles on the topic that all repeated fish, pork, lentils or beans, greens, anything circular, and grapes all as good luck foods to eat on New Years. So all of New Year’s Eve was awesome. We got home early and we watched the ball drop with Carson Daly and his sidekicks.

Then, this brings us to New Year’s Day.  I still was on the good luck kick, so I ate a huge plate of greens for lunch, and then went out to eat for dinner. Since I wasn’t sure how busy the bar would be I brought my book with me, something I wouldn’t normally do, but since I knew I would be dining alone, I said why not.  As I approached the bar, I saw it was pretty busy since a game was on. This didn’t bother me one bit. Like I said, I just wasn’t sure how busy it would be.  I sat across from the Brazilian Buddhist, even though I didn’t know he was Brazilian or Buddhist just yet.

The conversation was simple, yet meaningful.  He first asked me about football. Yeah, that didn’t hold my attention for even two seconds. I like the sports atmosphere of sports bars, but other than the basics, I don’t really follow the games, and I don’t have a favorite team or anything like that. So you see, his first attempt being about the game, was a failed attempt.  He didn’t give up yet though, instead he got smarter. He asked me about my book. That I was perceptive to. This all led to almost three hours of talking.  One of the first things he told me was that he was Brazilian. He traveled for his job because he works with horses that are a part of horse shows, which was about as much as I could pick up about that.  I told him how my Dad rode race horses, and the conversation progressed somehow to the point of religion.  He said he’s vegan since he’s Buddhist.  I explained my intertwining views of growing up Catholic and more recently loving the principles behind Buddha. I don’t think he understood. That’s okay, because I understand.  He saw me eat meat for my meal that night, and was still talking to me, so I wasn’t concerned.  After that he began to be a little too cloy. Then the conversation pretty much went from the deep end to the shallow end.  I will never forget the conversation about religion we had though. It was neat to have a conversation like that with a stranger. He promised a date. He mentioned a movie out. He made sure he had my name and number, he made sure he held my hand, and the night ended with goodbyes…I was expecting him to reach out for sure, but the traveling thing really didn’t sit right. Still all interesting though.

Then right after New Year’s Day, I got really sick. I felt plugged up with a horrible cough, and I didn’t know why.  I went on feeling like this for days.  Being sick and a little bored, I reached out to the Brazilian Buddhist thanks to some mediocre, but well intentioned advice.  But I knew in my heart, I didn’t want to reach out to him. I’m at the point that I am done doing any chasing. I’ve chased before, and things have to be pretty special for me to do it again.  He was still cordial, but claimed to be sick as well. After four days of not getting any better, I went to the doctors and he treated it like bronchitis, but also told me some news I was not expecting to hear in a million years.  Ready for a roller coaster dip? Hold on tight…it is bumpy, it is a roller coaster after all… The doctor told me I had something stuck in my ear, and he was only allowed to identify it as a foreign body. I knew just what it was.  On New Year’s Day night, after I got home from meeting the Brazilian Buddhist, I took out my hearing aid (I only wear in one ear) and the clear rubber, tube-like tip came detached from it. I searched and searched  but wasn’t able to find it on the floor. So, that clear little tube like part of my hearing aid, that wasn’t supposed to be stuck and lodged in my ear, was stuck and lodged in my ear. The doctor referred me to a Ears, Nose, Throat doctor to have it removed. but I didn’t want to wait for that appointment especially since I knew right when it happened in the first place. After the doctors visit that took three hours, I went to my local emergency room, and that only took three minutes. Luckily the er was slow, and they helped me and removed it fast.  That was on the 7th, so you can do the simple math of how long it was lodged in my ear.

Now, a few days later, and I’m still not 100%, but feeling better.  The clogged feeling is away, I spent two days with my nose running…and now finally no clogged feeling, and no running. As far as the Brazilian Buddhist, still not a peep since I initiated contact.  I wish I understood guy’s mentalities more. I was striving for kindness with him, and I feel I fully achieved that. Now that the roller coaster is over, things can get back to normal, at least somewhat.  I am really trying to hone into my psychic abilities a little bit better, as to not be so surprised when things like this occur.  Until then I guess I have to pay attention more and rely on articles like these ...All while still holding my ground, of course?

I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters,

Single Girl

Hello beautiful 2015! Oh, right, you aren’t quite here yet.

It’s already that time again. The year came, the year went even faster. I am here feeling a little jipped; feeling a little upset with the Universe. In turn, guess that means being upset with myself.  No worries though, I am not here to be a Debbie Downer (well, at least not for the entire post). I am going to reflect on the year as a whole, and make a little resolution list.  It shouldn’t matter that a 32 year old is making a resolution, it’s still saying, hey, I’m human, and I have flaws like the rest of you bozos out there.  So here goes nothing. Hope some of these relate to you fantastical daters out there, if not, hope some of them give you a chuckle or make you smile:

1) No drinking, no drinking, did I mention no drinking? I’ve gone two months without a sip.

2) I have to see the newer Night at the Museum movie just because of Robin Williams. RIP you sweet, funny man.  

3) I’ll save money this new year, and I will vacation. And I’m not talking about a little local trip to Orlando, Florida, I’m talking  California, I’m talking Vegas, I’m talking Grand Canyon.

4) I will be more forgiving of myself, even times like I’m in right now, that I prefer to shut the human species as whole completely out. Forgive without anger.


5) Better days are coming, and they are called tomorrow? They are called 2015??

better days just ahead

6) The cliche one has to be here: LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!  I’m sorry, no offense to anyone out there, I’m short, therefore, even just a measly 5 or so pounds is noticeable to me. I don’t dig it. Once I work on my stress levels, this should take care of itself.  Stress eating is no bueno. So I guess going hand in hand with this one, I will stress less and worry even less.

7) I will find my own individual life purpose, and use it to be successful at a long term, financially stable career. This may take more than a year and that’s okay.  I’ve thought a lot about the helping people part. But that life purpose is the purpose of everyone, of all people.  I want to help but it’s more a challenge for me. But talking about an individual life purpose, how do you differentiate between a purpose and a hobby? Hard to say those things count, at least not on a helping others level. Those are things you may do well, but are for you. That’s what confuses me.  I am getting closer though, to inner awareness, to finding some answers inside myself. I want to find something that makes me so happy that I forget to eat and poop, like this article points out: Click here. Here is another awesome Chopra article on the topic.

8) Finally, drum roll please,  going with my last picture quote post…I will date offline. Everyone has their limits, and I’ve definitely reached mine when it comes to online dating. I appreciate the experience it has given me, which has made me wiser. I also appreciate the original dates and men that it lead me to. Dates ranging from a day beach date, laser tag, or Spanish restaurants that I would never pick myself in a million years. So I am grateful for all of that.

Well beautiful, confident singles, have an amazing 2015!  I know for sure it will bring a lot of positive things to the table.

Happy New Years (A little early),

Single Girl