“I’ve had all these things before,” she whispers roughly inside her head. 

Now they seem like faint dreams. Hard to remember, with a questionable end. 

Her inner voice guides her. “Go left”, she hears, so she makes a sharp right instead. 

She talks to Angel Intuitives, Psychics, and Reiki Practitioners alike. 

They all tell her the same fight. “Your world will soon be different.”

“Shine your light,” they add. “That’s your destiny. That’s your birth right.”

“Will what’s justly mine ever find me?,” she recites. “I feel such a disconnect and such contrite.”

“This year,” they all simultaneously say, with a reassurance she easily invites.


the empath meets a possible sociopath 

(For you loyal followers…yes, this poem is about the same ex-work crush. And yes, I’m mentioning him again! The casual thing is definitely not my forte. Lol)

The tiny empath was drawn to him 

Like a moth to a flame 

Intense, see-through blue, lifeless eyes shone into her translucent  brown ones 

The empath was frustrated she couldn’t read him.

He finally talked but mostly about  controversial  topics. 

Then the attraction meshed all too well.

The brains of the two diminished the heart

A mirror thing might’ve happened 

Now the poor empath’s left wondering if she babbled too much about being an empath

Or was it the physical where she saw fireworks

Whether she enjoyed the touch or not this is what always happens. The guys flee like it’s all her wrong doing 

Or was this a part of his catch and release plans?

Her spinning mind and tired eyelids bring no answers 

The empath knows he will return but doesn’t know when 

She sleeps as in a coma state and lucidly dreams of a very different ending.

The psychic said…

the psychic said I’d see you again, her vision crystal clear.

she said you’d cycle back in for the fifth time. 

I couldn’t believe my ears. 

the psychic said residuals and ties were remaining there. 

I didn’t care. 

she said I would stay away next time around.

Finally I listened.

and mustered up my heart from the ground. 

Moral Compass

Moral Compass   1/22/2015 

My moral compass is beautiful shades of gray.
And I like it that way.
It glitters as an invisible light.

No way to tell who’s wrong or right. Beliefs and feelings blend.
No easy way to mend.

My emotional levels need maturing, they say.
They tell me to grow up, and act my age.
But that’s only a number imagination made.

They go along with their head,
ego leading the way, he said, she said.

I desire to be true.
I envision change and all that’s new,
Although my voice of ego sometimes overpowers too.

The others tell me to accept myself.
Love myself?

Then the old adage rang:
Another soul can know you better than you know yourself.

But who’s youer than you?,
Like the cat once sang.

My moral compass is my own.
Full of self acceptance they’ve never known.

My expectations, assumptions high.
Maybe too high and strong for most.
Creating nothing but sweet goodbyes.

For now, I will dance with them.
But tomorrow’s a reformer,
where something real and new is around the corner.

Earth Angel

Earth Angel     09/23/2014

She’s not your typical angel.

She’s pixie-like,


She’s always waiting,

which makes her angry.

Sometimes she wonders what she’s waiting for.

Her life’s purpose is right in front of her face,

but she’s uncooperative.

She doesn’t accept it, fights it; Forces all, nothing enters in naturally.

Repeats and mistakes, but only they are not really mistakes,

they are her life.

She’s overly emotional and sensitive.

Strange and weird, but in a good way.

People use this against her.

She defends herself to thin air.

Takes a deep breath, and visits the real world again.

Lovers always unfaithful, abusive.

Or just plain unwilling to offer her love.

So she sits alone, right next to someone.

She sits alone, independently.

She thinks out loud.

Waits some more.

And clings to her dreams.

The vision is simple…

that she will find an entrance door to her purpose.

And things will make sense then.

Then she’ll be the Earth Angel she knows she was destined to be.

The waiting will end.

Her mission will be fulfilled.