5 Law of Attraction Keys to Attracting Your Soul Mate: Guest Post

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Suzie the Single Dating Diva

law-of-attraction-soul-mateIn my late 30s, after being single for about 10 years, I was on a quest to find the love of my life. So, I went on a dating spree and tried every method I could think of to meet my mate. I participated in 2 telephone dating services, got set up on blind dates, went to singles dances, attended singles clubs and events, tried speed dating several times, and I even paid a relationship company to find me my life mate. It was not until the last year of my single life that I unlocked the key to my heart’s desire by using the Law of Attraction diligently and met the love of my life, now my husband, James.

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that states that like attracts like and we get what we focus on. But, many of us do not have a clear…

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Below is a great dating quote mentioned by Suzie from the Single Girl Diva blog during a radio interview she just participated in…the audio for the interview is here in her recent post.

 Be sure to check it out. She mentions single is not a bad word, and tackles 5 dating truths that are spot on.

The Number One Rule of Dating

Am I Thirty Yet

the rules of datin - he's just not that into you
When you start dating someone, you’re going to find yourself doing a lot of questioning. “Does this person like me?” “What exactly are they looking for?” “Am I coming on too strong?” “When should I sleep with them?” “Should I have ‘the talk’ or should I just wait it out?” So. Many. Questions.

You are going to turn to every outlet available to find the answers to these questions. Do a quick Google search of “When should I sleep with the person I’m dating?” and it will turn up millions of results. And each article you find will have a different response. Three dates. Five Dates. Three months. Marriage. Any situation you find yourself in, I guarantee someone else has been in that exact same position. Some other person has found themselves dealing with a person who doesn’t respond to texts fast enough or went from texting every day to…

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I’m an Introvert, Not a Recluse: On Joining the Quiet Revolution

Such Small Hands

Sometimes people are surprised to learn to that I consider myself strongly introverted. To many people, introvert is a synonym for anti-social, shy, or awkward.

I understand why people are surprised. After all, I do talk to people. I don’t seem especially shy.  Sometimes I’m even loud and boisterous. But what most people don’t see is how most of the time I have to fight my urge to back out of social commitments and just stay home. They don’t see how I get so anxious and nervous before a party, or meeting new people, or having an uncomfortable conversation, or hanging out with someone who feels out-of-my-league, that I sweat through my clothes and my whole body shakes so hard that my teeth chatter.

I’ve written here before about my (apparently well-hidden) social anxiety and how my classic remedy has often been to over-compensate, pushing myself to be overly cheerful…

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In love, everyone needs to be “masculine” & “feminine”…

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Desirable Love

I had always been extremely extroverted, an overachiever, a triple A+ personality type, extraordinarily (materially) successful (even in my early twenties), blah, blah, blah… I was very “yang”. However, my marriage to my childhood sweetheart was an absolute mess! My husband was uncomfortable with my increasing success… No matter how much I tried to save our marriage, sadly our marriage was lost…

As time went on, my personality seemed to only attract alpha (yang) males. However, once in a committed relationship, they did everything in their (mighty) power to snuff out my light, always wanting the limelight for themselves & expecting me to take a backseat to their lives. After a while I thought I must have been doing something wrong.

I thought that I simply needed to work harder at practicing unconditional love. I had been researching psychology, philosophies, physiology, eastern philosophy, religion…. And, as we often do when…

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Too Much Sugar and Not Enough Spice? A Recipe for a Dating Disaster!

Suzie the Single Dating Diva

sugar-spice-dating-quoteToo much sugar, not enough spice? Right there, my friends, is a recipe for dating disaster. Why? Doesn’t everyone want a partner who’s good to them and treats them nicely? Of course! No one is questioning that BUT when there isn’t any balance, the cracks starts emerging and get bigger and bigger. Just like with anything in life, balance is important, it’s what keeps life interesting. Imagine how boring life would be if everything flowed smoothly all the time? What would you learn? How would you be challenged? How would you grow as a person?

Looking back on your life, haven’t your challenges contributed to the person you are today? Of course they have, for good or for bad, they have. It brings to mind a quote from Madeleine L’Engle “you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light”. How much sense does THAT make?…

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The Lost Art of Dating

This Diva’s blog is professional and spot on. All her posts are relatable. Awesomely good reads.

Suzie the Single Dating Diva

lost-art-of-datingRecently I’ve been noticing a trend. A trend going in the WRONG direction. What used to be courting and dating has become something much less, actually, it’s become something not dating at all. It has become one of two extremes … “all or nothing” or “free for all” dating, if you want to even call it dating. What ever happened to wooing someone? Courting them? Perhaps it’s a result of dating in the age of instant gratification, I don’t know, but it needs to stop. Call me a traditionalist, even old fashioned, but I like taking my time to get to know someone before committing to them. Lately, things have drastically changed and I’m hearing it from many others as well. People are noticing that things are moving a little too fast. First date has become a technicality … it’s the springboard to a full on commitment or to the…

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