Oh that Matthew Hussey 


Letter to my exes 

I’ve met my soulmate.  And after almost 7 years of inconsistent, painful, and for the most part dubious dating experiences…I have finally moved on. I thank you all for the lessons you’ve taught me, no matter how hard they might’ve been. No matter how big or small. I’ve definitely learned the lessons. I forgive you all, and I forgive myself too. Everyone has a past. Everyone is imperfect.  My life on the surface looks out of control. I regularly absorb a mess of beautiful chaos that’s hard to predict from day to day, so I could understand if that’d be too much to handle full time. 

I thank you for the time you spent with me, no matter how little, too much, or sporadic it might’ve been. I have to apologize to the couple of you that I would see randomly over the years if I seemed like a different person every time we’d get together. A drinker and a sober person are worlds apart. And believe me, you guys also seemed different every time too. I appreciate that this has molded me into the chick I am today. 
The scars you left on my heart will always remain, but I’ve moved on. Finally. I hope you all experience happiness, love, and inner peace. 


Modern Romance: a mini review 

For a comedian, Aziz did a great job with the research for this book! I think some of the other reviews underrated that simple fact. He provided Reddit commentary, a ton of focus groups, professional takes on the decision making process of being a human being, and psychological impacts of online dating. Somehow with all of this statistical and factual information he still shed light on his own dating life and made the book humorous, funny, and enjoyable to read. To top all that all off, he did research outside the United States, in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, and Buenos Aires showing the “herbivore male” in the Japan and Asian culture to make sense out of their massive decline in dating, marriage, and sex…resulting in nothing less than singleness. And France’s or Brazil’s maybe too open lifestyle relating to sex and accepting things that North Americans don’t, such as cheating or in some extreme cases, second families with mistresses. 

Plus, he still showed a lot of credibility given that his stand up routines usually revolved about texting and modern romance topics of the like, and that all is definitely related to online dating in today’s era. His parents were an arranged marriage that worked out, which was interesting background information that  also give him added credibility. So…full of charts and statistics, but still funny and witty. I hope everyone out there finds their smooth version and transition from “passionate love to companionship love”, as he explains towards the end of the book. This single girl has new ideas for her dating life thanks to this awesome read!  


Thank you Aziz,


Karmic relationships anyone 

Yeah, I’ve had my share of those😬.  At least three past relationships stand out. Karmic relationships are not easy to get over and forget about, but for the sake of this life you must move forward. (Just because something or someone is familiar does not mean they are good for you.) Forgive. Then just hope no more repeating has to occur…in this life or maybe even your next one (if you’re an old soul like me).  And speaking of being an old soul, the author and angel expert Doreen Virtue  talks a little about past life regression, which is a good term and comes into play when talking about karma of any kind really. Apparently, karmic relationships are different from twin flame unions, but twin flames have hurdles too and obviously are just as intense. Twin Flames can end up helping each other merge into a healthy mold if they get past ego and find higher levels of consciousness … Karmic relationships in my mind are all about self healing, but a healing for the individuals separately, never as a whole or couple. 

  There’s so much to still learn, but I know for sure no one is destined to live life loveless and alone. It’s all on Gods time?-SG