Dating Naked show getting sued? Who cares, the Onion rocks…

Late last night I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed. First, I saw a People article posted about some chick suing over breach of contract as a contestant on a show, are you ready for this, wait for it, Dating Naked.  Then right below that article, I see the Onion posted a share from the AV club about the same article.

What had me thinking more than I should about this were the random comments to the Onion post. The Onion is satire, but in the same sense, real. So, just because something happens to be ridiculous, like, “man decides he’s taking lunch at 10:30am, hungry again too early,” these are still real people being interviewed. People don’t get that. So a comment or two even thought The Onion share was a fake article. The comments ranged to the typical perverts: So where can I see her goods that they didn’t blur out?, to silly girls defending her: Hey, she has the right to sue, they told her her crotch would be censored, to, so she’s suing about being shown naked as a participant of a tv show called Dating Naked? Makes perfect sense. Also going by the comments, apparently you could find the goods in question by doing a simple Google search? America you are greatest! lol. 

I could care less about the legal jargon and I definitely don’t know enough about it to care. But the comments did open my eyes to how awesome the Onion really is. Real or fake, satire or not, the Onion article was still more entertaining to read. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the story, the Onion is the funniest. You can be the judge by looking at both articles I linked above. The Onion, I heart you. Rock on.

Happy weekend, 

Single Girl