Another letter to the Universe, aka A letter to myself

Dear Universe,

I thought I wouldn’t have to talk to you again so soon. You are throwing out all these lessons for me to learn, but you see, I’m not learning them. The same things are repeating in my life. The lessons are repeating freakishly the same…that I have to ask, will I ever learn them? Will I learn them soon?

I’m tired of always looking for good inside of shit, or worrying too much of the future or living too much in the past. Please, please, I know you got this. I got this too. Bring me peace so that the externals won’t look as bad, and will start not to matter as much. Bring me unconditional love, for myself and from a significant other. I will not tolerate feeling lonely anymore. There are too many great people out there. I have to meet them. Bring me financial and creative freedom. I am tired of being bored. Bring me action…this stagnancy is like a prison. Like I said, we got this. Bring on the change, bring on the good. When we talk again I’m hoping it will only be a follow-up thank you with a dash of peace. Amen.  And so it is.

Below are a couple appropriate passages from the Change me prayers book by Silver:

Let me learn my lessons and move gracefully forward,



Dear Universe…

Hello beautiful singles! Hello beautiful WordPress users! I am writing for a very simple, yet very purposeful reason tonight. I have a birthday that is approaching. I’m getting up there, going to be 32. Thank the Universe and thank the Lord in the heavens above that I don’t feel that old. I still have loads of passion yet to unleash. I actually look young for my age too. Although my thoughts are focusing on career changes right now, I always have love on the back burner. It’s usually on the front burner, but I am going about things differently for a change.  I know in my heart whether I find some more opportunities for love online or if I get lucky enough to find opportunities offline, it will absolutely happen when the time is right. Well, I’m getting a little sidetracked here, but going back to the Universe, I have a very special message I’d like to share and direct out there to the powerful cosmic forces:

Dear Universe, 

My birthday is practically here. I feel more changes coming, yet that things are syncing. Let’s make this year to come a phenomenal one.    


Never forget the quote above, 

Single Birthday Girl