F*ck the Law of attraction 

I’ve posted a couple of videos and picture quotes from Teal Swan in the past. After not giving her much thought in long while, I came across a new video she did  and I couldn’t help but to relate it to my previous post. She basically summed up what I was trying to get across about the law of attraction with my previous post. I felt the guy and the story as a whole was so out of alignment, wasn’t really a vibrational match, that there was no way it should be happening. But I quickly realized why it actually was a match. Life is a beautiful mess. Life is unpredictable. Swan protested the moment you say this thing in your life shouldn’t be happening is the moment you create more resistance to that thing. She barked, “Fuck the law of attraction”!  Another tip is that you do not have to immediately blame yourself internally for the external experiences. Or having an unwanted experience means you necessary still have a ton of inner healing to do. She said instead this thing you are so focused that shouldn’t be happening is supposed to be happening. She used a court battle she was entangled in as an example, which for some reason made me like the shit out of her even more. Let the naysayers (and haters) be naysayers (and haters), and instead just say fuck the law of attraction like she did. She explained the law works at two different perspectives, the soul or higher self perspective, and at the physical  perspective. Given this, something that is actually in alignment with out higher self may still feel unwanted or bad to our physical external self. Her advice is basically to stop obsessing or attempting to control what happens in your life and stop pointing the finger at yourself. This thing that is happening is supposed to be happening. Accept everything and anything your beautiful soul has to go through. 

Really a must watch,



Debra Berndt lecture

First, I recommend totally ignoring the title of this YouTube video and just pay attention to Berndt’s teachings. Second, the sound quality is a little poor, so grin and bear? She talks worlds about how belief systems form even from when your in your mother’s womb. Also, what girl hasn’t experienced putting a guy on a pestedal, like she explains? The important thing to take from that though, is the guy on the other end of the spectrum,  the guy that the girl doesn’t dig all that much, but is crazy about her, is really just as a backwards relationship because it’s not true love.  Debra Bernt is amazing! 

The Spiritual Catalyst: Why You Keep Attracting the ‘Wrong’ Person in Relationships

Some may call this video weird, but I thought it was pretty cool. I was lucky to come across who Teal Swan was, The Spiritual Catalyst, from an entirely different low budgeted YouTube video where she was interviewed. She grew up with extrasensory powers in Utah around Mormons. If interested, here’s more on her background and bio here.

So bare minimum, hope you take some knowledge of subconscious versus conscious thoughts from this. The video is a pinch over 15 minutes too, so perfectly understandable if you want to skim by some parts.


Single Girl