So thanks to the lovely Internet and my unhealthy searching habits, I learned a new word the other night. Flirtationship. I think I may be in two of these as we speak. 😬  Only kidding…maybe. 

Have fun until the true one comes along?–But wait, I’m in my thirties



7 Reasons why Tinder is a game changer (and not in a good way) 

1) Requests for threesomes are everywhere, or at least way too commonplace. Usually the profile picture will be of the couple and the description will be asking for another female. Wait, so this could actually be more popular only in my  state of Florida. Disgusting and disappointing. Is anyone monogamous anymore?

2) People you know offline pop up a lot and it’s awkward. Really awkward. (Even more so when you’re socially awkward in real life too!) …if this happens to me again in the future I’m only swiping right out of courtesy, not to hookup!

3) A thirty-something year old guy on Tinder taught me the word Camgirl solely because he decided to include it in his profile.  It’s an urban dictionary word and just like it sounds means chicks on Tinder can be camera girls, as in also kind of being a professional at it. Ugh! 

4) Proximity couldn’t be more of an important word for Tinder. Why isn’t this app called Proximity. That’s genius! 

5) Going hand in hand with #4, people that live close to you could end up showing 500 miles or plus away when they use Tinder for travel pleasure. Really??? Ugh again. By the way, you’d have to have a chat with them saved, or another easy way to see their profile again to notice the distance change. Besides the chat, the only other way this could happen happen is if you deactivate and reactivate your profile. 

6) Initiating an actual chat conversation with a match feels like striking gold. But why? Why do people match with someone they swiped right for to just let the match collect dust with no intention of communication?

7) Tinder is relevant yet totally superficial at the same time. Lord have mercy??!


Letter to my exes 

I’ve met my soulmate.  And after almost 7 years of inconsistent, painful, and for the most part dubious dating experiences…I have finally moved on. I thank you all for the lessons you’ve taught me, no matter how hard they might’ve been. No matter how big or small. I’ve definitely learned the lessons. I forgive you all, and I forgive myself too. Everyone has a past. Everyone is imperfect.  My life on the surface looks out of control. I regularly absorb a mess of beautiful chaos that’s hard to predict from day to day, so I could understand if that’d be too much to handle full time. 

I thank you for the time you spent with me, no matter how little, too much, or sporadic it might’ve been. I have to apologize to the couple of you that I would see randomly over the years if I seemed like a different person every time we’d get together. A drinker and a sober person are worlds apart. And believe me, you guys also seemed different every time too. I appreciate that this has molded me into the chick I am today. 
The scars you left on my heart will always remain, but I’ve moved on. Finally. I hope you all experience happiness, love, and inner peace.